An Inconvenient Gift

In prison, there is a saying, “You can do time or let time do you.” If you let time do you, you give your days to whatever comes and move along the continuum of moral, physical and spiritual atrophy. It amounts to wasted days. But if you do time, you make time work for you. You define your days. Many of us feel imprisoned in this hour, unfamiliar with our lack of mobility, productivity, and connectivity. But what if this stationary stance were your new normal? What if this pause was intended for purpose? Rather than an inconvenient frustration, what if this is the gift of God to wake you up to something greater?

Time is a tremendous gift and once spent (or lost), we cannot reclaim it. There is no ‘do-over’ for March 3, 1973 if you didn’t spend it well. There is only ‘do now’. There may not be a ‘do tomorrow.’ Here are some ideas for your ‘do now’ time to make the most of what God has given in this inconvenient gift.

Four Ways to “Do Time” in this Season

  1. Practice gratitude. Each day, come together as a family and write down 3 things you are thankful for. Put them in a jar or a “God box” and bring them out on Thanksgiving and read the multitudes of blessings.
  2. Set a reasonable goal and be intentional. That book you bought last year? Read it, put it into practice. Three great reads to consider: The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg), Love Does (Bob Goff) and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero).
  3. Spend 5 minutes in prayer for someone else. Before you pray, pause and ask God, what does this person need from You? How can I be more effective in my friendship and my prayer?
  4. Refine a dream. If there is a constant nagging, a long lost idea that continues to press into your heart, spend time in prayer and fasting, quietly seeking God’s counsel. Ask specific questions, listen and record what you hear. Many times dreams don’t come to pass because we are not willing to listen long enough to glean specific strategies from God. This is a season of reflection. Take full advantage of asking, listening and recording specific revelation.

Don’t simply hold your breath and ‘get by’ until this virus has lifted. Embrace the change it brings and be intentional with your time, treating it as an offering to God. Commit to come out better, not bitter, more focused than frustrated. Let the greatest inconvenience become your greatest force for change.

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