Recently I received several pieces of mail from members describing how God has been moving in their lives through this church. I greatly appreciated their stories and words of encouragement. These stories provide a gentle reminder that God is powerfully present among His people.

Time and again, God has demonstrated His provision. Time and again, God has done the improbable. Our job is to trust and follow His leading.

Being a follower is risky. It is often uncomfortable. It is Jesus-centered. And, it is highly rewarding. Abraham had the choice to leave Haran and follow the unseen God. He chose to step out in faith and follow. He was rewarded with the promise that all nations would be blessed through him. Today, we have inherited that promise. We   are to be the vehicle through which God will bless our families, community, nation, and world. That is exciting! But how will this happen? It is happening now. People are being blessed, lives are being changed, and families are drawn to Him. But, this is just the beginning of what God is doing.

We have been seeking and following God’s leading to hire a consultant, Fishhook, to help us improve our communications both internally and externally with the community around us. Imagine if we might welcome guests to our church more hospitably,  communicate with each other more effectively, and best of all to communicate the Good News to those in our community who do not know Jesus and draw them to Him and into this church. The effort alone says that we are serious about following Jesus as His church. Bathe the outcome in prayer and it could be transformative on our effectiveness for Him.

We are also in the process of searching for a new staff member, a pastor of “Invitation and Connection” who will be assigned to the front end of the membership and outreach process to reach people for Jesus and draw them into discipleship through the ministry of this congregation.

Finally, we are in the process of studying the restructuring of our leadership system in order to promote more effective ministry that better fulfills our  mission to connect people to the Living God. The new system would be subject to congregational vote and would maintain accountability to God and His word, this congregation and our constitution.

Please pray for all of this. Pray for our church. It is a great church. It is Jesus’ church. It is, with other branches of the Body of Christ, the hope of the world. You will continue to be updated on all of this through this newsletter, temple talks at worship, and discussion forums this fall. The goal is not to change St. Michael, but to make us as effective as we can be so that through us, God might change our world.

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